Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Donkey panniers

The Donkey Sanctuary have been a great help to us over the recent months setting up the project. Lionel Ford and Liz Ellis came to visit with a couple of pannier options in order to do a trial run. This one is a very ethnic woven type which looks pretty but wouldn't hold much.

These panniers are the business! They are designed to hold things piled onto the donkey's back and round the sides. This will enable Teddy to go up narrow paths with a load of logs no problem!

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montanasmama said...

Hello from the USA. I just found your blog, what a wonderful thing. Teddy looks grand in his pannier! I hope you keep posting your progress with this project. I have often thought of walking or driving one of my donkeys to the store but with the traffic on our little back roads I fear it would be suicidal.